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Seven Years to Sin

Seven Years to Sin - Sylvia Day I actually found Jessica's sister subplot more interesting and intriguing than the main story line, which I found borderline dull.Overall, the book was well written and entertaining, but I must say that I like my historical romance with less love scenes and more engaging conversation or interesting plot-line. It just seemed that they were constantly going at it and going at it, and it began to border on the grotesque after awhile (but not as bad- or as good depending on your perspective- as Featherstone's effort in Sinful, where the main thing I can remember about the book is semen exploding and spewing all over the place.) Also, the author constantly alluded to Jess's lady bits as a kind of hungry little monster which continuously clenched and undulated and rippled. I couldn't help but think "Feed me Seymour!" when they were doing it (which happens a looootttt.) To Day's credit, the love scenes are not gratuitous and the acts do have important roles in moving the plot or relationship further. They are not random sex scenes inserted into the text, but annoyingly so they do extend for graphic page after page.The author does take some time to develop their relationship and there is growth and development in the characters which I found valuable, but they were so obsessively wrapped up in each other that it got boring and I skimmed their repetitive dialogue towards the end.