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A Gentleman Undone (Blackshear Family #02) - IPS Grant, Cecilia ( Author ) May-29-2012 Compact Disc

A Gentleman Undone (Blackshear Family #02) - IPS Grant, Cecilia ( Author ) May-29-2012 Compact Disc - Cecilia Grant What bravery it must have taken Grant to write this story in the face of the overpowering mountain of romance tropes. Lydia is a tough, tough cookie, at times repelling but always interesting and dark. Will is such a sweetie, although he can be a bit angsty and annoying with his constant moral dilemmas. This book definitely had a modernist tone and I almost felt like it should have taken place in the late victorian period or something rather than the regency. At any rate Grant overturns and redefines the tropes of the pollyana prostitute (a la mary balogh) and the "virgin prostitute" rather interestingly and with a lot of nuance. I liked that Will wasnt rich and all powerful but still adorable all the same. In all, for me it just can't compare to the a lady awakened because it lacked the humor that mr. mirkwood's character brought to that book. Here you have two dark angsty souls who have to deal with a lot of pain to find THEIR happily ever after which totally goes against the grain of the formulaic romance novel endings which I have seen in every single other one I have read.