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So Enchanting

So Enchanting - Connie Brockway I think I have mixed feelings about this book. Based on the goodreads reviews on this book, it doesn't seem like this book is an example of Brockway's best. I for one was not all that amused by the Hayden/Amelie romance. I thought those two were annoying as all hell. I thought the "villain" at the end a bit ridiculous, although it did fit with the humor that tinged the book. I wished the plot moved a lot faster with more fun scenes with Grey and Fanny.Despite some of the book's flaws, and despite the inconsistent ratings, I DID see experience some spectacular writing and nuance. I loved the verbal sparring between Fanny and Grey, and I found their dialogue hilarious and fun. When they finally got together (about 2/3rds of the way through the book, might I add :/) it was gorgeously written and so romantic and amazing. I thought they were a well matched pair and I found their internal conflict an interesting one. There was depth to the characters and to the romance. Even though I hated Hayden and dumb Amelie, I understood why they were included in the plot as foils to the jaded and world-weary Grey and Fanny.At any rate, if this is Brockway at her so-so, I am really excited about the prospect of potentially reading her better stuff.