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The Kite Runner: Graphic Novel
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The Mill on the Floss
George Eliot
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

Fantasy Lover

Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon 2.5 Stars-There were some sweet and poignant moments in the book. I particularly liked the way the characters related to one another and cared for each other, there was a tenderness and love between them that was quite touching, but too many other things bothered me:~Too many deus ex machinas, especially toward the somewhat ridiculous ending where everything completely unravelled into a near farce. ~Formulaic plotlines galore, despite the initial intriguing premise. Sometimes it felt that the author was trying to fill the pages with unnecesary conflict which really had nothing to do with the central plot.Despite its flaws, the book was ultimately readable and enjoyable.