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The Kite Runner: Graphic Novel
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The Mill on the Floss
George Eliot
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

And Then He Kissed Her

And Then He Kissed Her - Laura Lee Guhrke Don't let the (pretty awful) cover fool you. This was a great book, among the best romance novels I've read lately.Set in the Victorian era, at the turn of the century, And Then He Kissed Her deals with issues that I've never seen before in a romance novel, and it is a refreshing breath of fresh air amongst the many many (tired) regencies out there.I liked this novel not only because of the budding relationship between Emmaline and Marlowe, but mostly because of Emmaline's transformation from a prim and proper young lady content to follow society's strictures and rules and to uphold them most rigidly, to a woman who uncovers who she really is, stands up for herself and comes into her own. Excellent.