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The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner - Deborah Ellis This book had no real plot that I could see. Who is the lady who keeps throwing tokens down from the window? We never really find out. What happens to her family at the end? We don't really know. What happens to Mrs. Weeza and the secret school? Nooriya? The Taliban? Anyway, the list goes on and on.I felt as if this children's book was attempting to provide an overview of the harsh Taliban regime and a family's suffering. But that's just it- it's an overview. I wanted a story and a plot I could truly care about and feel for. I got neither. I felt like I was reading the book in a truly superficial way.My favorite part was the Author's note at the end which mentions how, "In the fall of 2001, the Taliban were driven from most of Afghanistan" but failed to mentioned who did the driving out. Way to conceal a whole messy can of worms from the innocent youth.