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Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven - Julia Quinn A mediocre effort at best.I found the quartet of girls and their verbal "sparring" as dull as can be, and the girls all seemed the same to me. I thought Quinn really beat a dead horse with the musicale too. Ok, we get it, they stink, and the musicale is going to be horrible. Can we please move on now? I felt like the relationships in the novel weren't as fleshed out as they could have been and everything seemed very surface and skimmed over.I thought Honoria to be ridiculous. She's seems immature and sort of childlike and not in a charming or amusing way. I think this book has the potential to open an entire world for the reader in the same way that the first book in Kleypas' Wallflower series did or even in the way the Duke and I did, but I ended the book not quite caring what happened to the other girls or anyone in the book for that matter. The only semi-intriguing characters was the governess and Daniel who were in the book for only a tinsy amount of time.Next!